Let's talk about : the completely unnecessary and utterly evil risks of a depot injection

- Par un jeune autiste de 19 ans victime d'abus psychiatrique, collecté sur un forum anti-psychiatrique.

Just trying to fathom how utterly irresponsible the whole concept of a depot injection is, how the hell are there whole regulatory, academic and legal institutions that consider this to be medically sound? A 10-year-old equipped with elementary school science might see the problem with putting people on substances that stay in the body long-term without possibility of removal, and without prior tests or medical history.
Imagine if a cardiologist was so sure of himself that he had you take whole months worth of cardiac meds in one injection because who needs observation and attention to physiological idiosynchrasy and then if, say, you're allergic to it, or it's the wrong dosage, you just happen to be dead.
Even if we were to take the psychiatric narrative that psychotropics (not fully understood, barely studied by independent parties, involving the most complex and life-defining system in the body) are very necessary and safe heavenly ointments, it's actually totally easy to judge something as subjective as behavior, and complete strangers that might extract direct financial gain from manipulating your diagnosis and/or how other people see you are of course trustworthy, that everyone to pick certain well-paid and well-appraised professions can only be objective and well-meaning and caring, oh could it still be possible for a psychiatrist to not, perhaps, get the perfect drug dosage after using his powerful brain juices, his skull-piercing eyes, his fine esoteric scrolls of med school to determine the chemical imbalance in a standard 15-minute interview? Perhaps there is still room for misplacement, completely non-malignant mistake?
No, of course, trust for authority and established belief goes so far as to block people from making basic questioning that they would do otherwise in everyday life. Everything that makes modern society is full of holes of obviously unsound logic and so few seem to notice them. They poke at us but we don't see them, encased in the fog of culture we are slowly nurtured into. Only those burned by the fog or unusually far-sighted can seem to try wading past it.
So what is it that happens when someone is put on a long-term psych drug injection and they have an acute reaction to it, do they just die and no-one smarts for it? Does anyone know any reported (or otherwise) cases of this happening? This might be something to look into, maybe compiling it somewhere would be in order.

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